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Google Civic Drupal Module

One of the nice things about working for a political company is the ability to work in a fast-moving field, especially close to election time.

Just a few weeks ago Google came out with a new API called Civic which allows you to pass in an address and get back a bunch of information related to voting in the upcoming election. It will return things such as polling places, candidates, and other election information.

Our company took this to task and created a Drupal module which interacts with this new API service so people can easily add a “Find my polling place” widget to their Drupal website. This should hopefully get more people informed about the election and getting out to vote.

For my part, I took the Drupal 6 version created by my co-workers and ported it to Drupal 7. I also added (Drupal 7 only for now) some other cool info based on your address such as information on the relevant contests and links to the candidate pages so voters can be well informed going into election day.

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